First apartment (75m2) is situated downstairs and is composed of:

- 1 bathroom with bath and toilet,

- Fully equipped kitchen,

-1 twin room with two single beds,

-1 double bedroom with a sofa bed, TV+SAT

-a lounge with TV, SAT and DVD, and two sofas

DSC04741.jpgUbytovanie Zdiar - chalupa prizemie-1.jpgUbytovanie Zdiar - chalupa prizemie-2.jpgUbytovanie Zdiar - chalupa prizemie-3.jpgUbytovanie Zdiar - chalupa prizemie-4.jpgUbytovanie Zdiar - chalupa prizemie-5.jpgUbytovanie Zdiar - chalupa prizemie-6.jpgUbytovanie Zdiar - chalupa prizemie-7.jpgUbytovanie Zdiar - chalupa prizemie-8.jpgUbytovanie Zdiar - chalupa prizemie-10.jpg

Second apartment (110m2) is situated upstairs and is composed of:

- 2 double bedrooms,1x TV+SAT

- 1 twin room with two single beds,

- Fully equipped kitchen,

- 1 bathroom with bath and toilet,

- a big lounge with balcony, TV, SAT, DVD and a sofa

7.jpgUbytovanie Ždiar - chalupa poschodieUbytovanie Zdiar - chalupa poschodie-1.jpgUbytovanie Zdiar - chalupa poschodie-2.jpgUbytovanie Zdiar - chalupa poschodie-3.jpgUbytovanie Zdiar - chalupa poschodie-4.jpgUbytovanie Zdiar - chalupa poschodie-5.jpgUbytovanie Zdiar - chalupa poschodie-6.jpgUbytovanie Zdiar - chalupa poschodie-7.jpgUbytovanie Zdiar - chalupa poschodie-8.jpgUbytovanie Zdiar - chalupa poschodie-9.jpg

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